Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Fractions in Room 17

We have been exploring fractions in Room 17.  The children are able to compare and order fractions, showing a range of ways how these are larger or smaller.  I introduced a game of fraction war which can be played using a pack of cards.  It raised some interesting questions from Hugo H and Hugo J who were sensibly using a calculator to convert their fractions into decimals when they were too close to compare.  They asked, which was the winning hand 0.6 or 0.64? This will lead into a deeper understanding of the place value of decimals.
Here are some photos of working with fractions this week.

Ordering and identifying equivalent fractions:

Different strategies used for solving fractions of a set e.g. 30 cookies shared between 6 friends.  They each get 5.  1/6 of 30 is 5.

Victor was using his multiplication facts.  He is developing his ability to explain his thinking further.
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