Saturday, 15 April 2017

Memories of Our Amazing Gala!

We captured a few memories of this amazing community event... 
             Gala Memories
Fizzy sherbert fizzing away
White elephant overflowing with people
Soft and colourful toys galore
Pink, sticky, cotton candy
Hot, delicious dumplings
Delightful children screaming with happiness
Adults running around getting things perfect
Books of different shapes and sizes
Children with their arms filled with coconuts
Freezing, cold soda drinks
Delicate china being smashed
All kinds of smells floating in the air
I thought the Gala was the greatest day ever
By Eleanor
Memories of the Gala
Plates smashed
Hard lego hurting feet
Wet sponges getting thrown
People slipping on the slides
Art selling one by one
Slushy melting in the sun
Bouncing on the bouncy castle
Winning prizes every time
People buying toys
People trying to get a high score
By Matthew

Gala Memories
Great band singing
Delicious hot fresh donuts
Plates smashing
Coconuts crashing
Bungee sliding
Obstacle timing
Book buying
Toys  flying
Lego jumping
Lollies galore
Yummy cakes
Cold  slushy making
Fizzy drinks
By Jaxon

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  1. Nick and his family were sad we were away that weekend and missed the Gala. It sounds like it was lots of fun!