Saturday, 15 April 2017

This term we have been learning about being collaborative and working together so we retold the story of the Two Donkeys as it shows that working together has the best result. Here are just a few versions of the story....

The Collaborative Donkeys

There once were three donkeys. One of the donkeys had patches so his name was Patchy. The other donkey had patches too so his name was Patchy Junior.

On a sunny day Patchy and  Patchy Junior were tied up together but on that day they had a stroll in the forest. Suddenly the two donkeys spotted a pile of hay.

Patchy was on the right-hand side and Patchy Junior was on the left-hand side so they both tugged and tugged to get the hay but it didn’t work.

Suddenly they got tired so they both sat down and had a think. Patchy suggested that they go to one pile first and then go to the other.
It worked out brilliantly as they both got some hay.

By Jada


Once there was two donkeys that were tied together. They both wanted their own bundle of hay.

The two donkeys tugged and tugged until they finally gave up. They sat down and thought. Suddenly they had a idea. They would both go to the same bundle of hay. Then they would go to the other pile of hay. So that’s exactly what they did. Even though they got their pile of  hay they still got really fat.

Moral is always work together and don’t be greedy because then you will achieve what you couldn’t do by yourself and you can get what you want or need.

By George

The Two Hay Eaters - Donkeys

Once there were two silly donkeys.Their names were Danny and Donny.They were tied together with rope for some reason. They each  found a bundle of hay front of them. Danny and Donny were trying to munch on their hay but because they were tied together they couldn’t reach the hay. They thought they were tied together so they sat down and had a good think.
’’I know’’ said Danny,’’We could go and munch on the hay together’,” and so they did.
Danny’s plan worked and so they finished munching and that’s the story of the two donkeys.
Moral: Always work together instead of working by yourself. In that way you can achieve more.
By Carolyn

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  1. I love that story. It is a good one to remember because it is very easy to start being a silly donkey sometimes!