Monday, 29 May 2017

First day at Victoria Avenue School

It was great to finally meet my new class today.  Once we had shared two truths and a lie about ourselves, we got into planning our writing about a special moment in time.  I shared my exciting moment in time getting ready for school this morning.

Fresh start

Beep, beep! Beep, beep! Beep, beep!  Arrgh...what time is it? I dive back under the covers.  I realise suddenly that it's Monday already and my hand reaches out to turn off the alarm.

The house is very quiet and nobody is up yet.  I feel around for my furry slippers and shrug on my dressing gown.  My heart lifts when I remember that everything is ready. I just have to shower, eat breakfast and drive.

As I jump in the car I think about the last few days.  It was hard to leave Rosebank School but I am feeling very excited about starting my new job.  I wonder if my new class will have some imaginative artists, super mathematicians, observant scientists and creative writers. 

Fresh starts are the best, I think to myself as I turn the key in the ignition.

The children started to plan their own exciting moment in time.   I really look forward to seeing how these develop into great recounts over the week.  We will post them on the blog.

In Mathematics today we investigated the Vitruvian theory - is it true that height is equal to arm span for children in Room 17? Here are a couple of photos of the children measuring.  We will share our findings tomorrow.

By Mrs Robyns

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  1. What a cool sounding first day for everybody. Welcome to VAS Mrs Robyns. Room 17 is lucky to have you. And they're a pretty cool bunch as well!