Saturday, 20 May 2017

Superhero Stories

After watching 'The Incredibles' at the end of last term we were inspired into creating our own writing a narrative with superheroes. They have taken a great deal of planning and writing but the finished stories are very action packed. Here is and example of one that will keep you on the edge of your seat...

A familiar face towered over Andy. He looked up - was it a robber, a murderer? No. It was just Mum. Andy was in bed and his mum was standing over him with her hands on her hips.
“Hmph!” she mumbled with an unpleasant growl hanging on her drooped face.
The old paint was peeling off the walls and the rafters were going to fall in any second. Andy knew that his Mum’s glare meant trouble so he hopped out of bed and pushed open the wardrobe. Once he had put on his clothes he rushed out the door humming a gentle tune. He ran to the dairy and bought a packet of crisps.
“$2.50 young man.” the adult at the counter demanded.
Andy flipped through his wallet and handed the fee to the man. He found a bench and sat down and munched on his crisps. When he had devoured them all he went to school.
It still wasn’t 8.00am so Andy played in the park near his school. He saw his friend Hugo on the jump'n slide, The jump'n slide is where you climb up a ladder. Up there is a trampoline. Once you jump on it you will land on a foam covered platform which is tilted so you can slide down on a plastic slide five metres from the ground. Once you slide down that finally you can repeat it again if you choose to.
“Hi Hugo. What are you doing?” Andy asked politely.
“Isn’t it obvious?” sneered a voice from behind the bushes. It was the school bully Jared.

Suddenly the school bell rang. Ding - a Ling! - Ling! - Ling!
Hugo tapped Andy’s shoulder with determination as Andy ran off.
“Andy! Wait up!” he panted. “Did you hear about the robber article? The Power Gem got stolen!”
The Power Gem gives you superpowers. By touching it it will make you have the superpower you wish for most in the world.
“Really? Should we do something?” Andy says.
“Yeah, like go to the hot dog store!” Hugo joked.
Andy hooked up his bag and ran into the classroom. Hugo entered. It was buzzing with noise as usual. Darren was picking his nose, Amy was singing at the top of her lungs and the others were playing ball games. Then their teacher, Mrs Rodin entered behind them. She groaned, took a deep breath and shouted louder than ever “SILENCE!!! Her voice boomed through the corridors.That was pretty much the end of the day.

After school Hugo and Andy went to Andy’s house.
“How can we get our costumes and find the criminal before he destroys the world?” Andy asked.
“Easy. Once we get our costumes we get our superpowers, and then we use our GPS tracker and find him then. Two superpowers beats one doesn’t it?” said Hugo.

Soon, they were in the Power-Manager system.
“Vortex please enter your code,” the detector said. “Wendell please may you enter your code too.”
Once they had their costumes they exited. “This is so coo -”
“You are dismissed.” interrupted the detector.
Soon, their costume started giving them instructions.
“Go to super mode, then go North - West - South East,” the costumes instructed.
Hugo and Andy followed the instructions and soon realised they had reached Grm, the Reapers cave. They sneaked inside and got their power tools. They saw Grim cackling with unstoppable laughter. They crept behind him and whacked him on the head.
“Hey! What was that?” Grim screeched.
Wendell ,aka Hugo, ran to Grim’s bedroom. There lay a diamond encrusted chest with a hollow key hole. Wendell had the power to summon anything so he summoned a super ant colony. The ants nestled inside the hole and inside the chest they saw a glimmering red gem. The ants pushed open the chest and clutched the prized gem in their little legs and then dropped it before Wendell.

Meanwhile Grim and Vortex were clashing harder than ever. Wendell entered with the Power Gem in his pocket and summoned a giant beast.

The beast took Grim aside in his giant, furry hands and threw him as far as he could and he was never to be seen again.

Hugo and Andy flew back, not only carrying the gem but great pride and joy. The story spread and the two saviours were heroes. But then again their teacher did not think they were heroes - To her they were just ordinary late students.
Will she be their enemy?...

By Jonathan Hu

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